East Coast Cruise

A leisurely paced trip made up of many short hops, leaving plenty of time to explore Shetland on foot.

Day 1

Pick up yacht 1000, Lerwick. After handover and picking up supplies, sail round Bressay and Noss nature reserve, taking time to experience the bird colonies. Overnight Lerwick. Approximate sailing distance: 18NM.

Day 2

Cruise from Lerwick 1000, through Bressay Sound and out the North Lerwick harbour, by the Moul of Eswick, west side of Whalsay and round the north of Out Skerries. Enter Out Skerries by the north entrance. Overnight Out Skerries. Approximate sailing distance: 26NM.

Day 3

Set off from Out Skerries 1000, cruise up to Hamars Ness, Fetlar. Tie up at pier. Overnight Fetlar. Approximate sailing distance: 17NM.

Day 4

Short sail to Baltasound, Unst, spending the night there. Approximate sailing distance: 11NM.

Day 5

Set off from Baltasound and cruise round north of Unst, the famous Muckle Flugga and Out Stack then down the west side into Bluemull Sound and spend night at Cullivoe, Yell. Approximate sailing distance: 25NM.

Day 6

Cruise north out of Cullivoe and then sail down the west side of Yell, by Lunna to Symbister, Whalsay and spend night there. Approximate sailing distance: 35NM. Alternatively, sail down Bluemull Sound with a more direct route, approximate sailing distance: 22NM.

Day 7

Set off from Symbister and sail to Dock of Lingness, Nesting, drop anchor and spend a couple of hours there. Then cruise round the Moul of Eswick, Hoo Stack and make for Lerwick for the last night. Approximate sailing distance: 16NM.