Starting in Lerwick, this cruise takes you down the east coast to Fair Isle, up the west coast and then right up and around to the most notherly point in the UK. Finally, back down the north east coast to Lerwick.

Day 1

Pick up yacht 1000, Lerwick. After handover and picking up supplies, sail round Bressay and Noss nature reserve, taking time to experience the bird colonies. Overnight Lerwick. Approximate sailing distance: 18NM.

Day 2

Cruise from Lerwick 0800, through Mousa Sound and by Sumburgh Head to Fair Isle. Overnight North Haven, Fair Isle. Approximate sailing distance: 42NM.

Day 3

Set off 0700 to cruise up by Fitful Head and anchor St Ninians Isle for an hour or so. Continue up west coast Mainland by Kettlaness, Oxna, and then towards the west Mainland and Vaila, Watsness and Mu Ness and overnight Housa Voe, Papa Stour. Approximate sailing distance: 60NM.
For the complete circumnavigation of Shetland, the alternative route is to sail directly to Foula to see Shetland’s highest and most spectacular cliffs. Approximate sailing distance is the same.

Day 4

Set sail from Papa Stour towards the Drongs, Dore Holm, Eshaness, by the Ramna Stacks and towards the North Isles. Enter Bluemull Sound and overnight Cullivoe, Yell. Approximate sailing distance: 43NM.

Day 5

Cruise from Cullivoe up west side of Unst, by Muckle Flugga and Out Stack, Skaw and Norwick. Overnight Baltasound, Unst. Approximate sailing distance: 24NM.

Day 6

Cruise out between Balta and Huney, past the east side of Fetlar and anchor Wick of Tresta. Continue on to Out Skerries and overnight there. Approximate sailing distance: 29NM.

Day 7

Set off round north of Out Skerries, sailing between Whalsay and West Linga, stopping off at Symbister. Continue on to Dock of Lingness and anchor. Finally, cruise by the Moul of Eswick, Hoo Stack and make for Lerwick for the last night. Approximate sailing distance: 30NM.